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DOSPRN allows to print reports from your favorite DOS program on the modern printers independently
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28 August 2015

Editor's review

DOSPRN program helps to extend life of old DOS programs. DOSPRN allows you to use a good old DOS program with new printers irrespective of their types.

Features: Installation of DOSPRN is very simple. Run the self-extracting executable file of program and application gets installed on your PC. DOSPRN program has a simple and nice user interface. Program is divided into different sections like spooling parameters, paper orientation with option as portrait or landscape, Text parameter, preview and printer. With Spool parameter you can set job time out, auto print, and print to form feed. You can also use print to file option to create .PRN file to print. Text parameter allows you to set wrap long line, use form feed symbol, LF as CR/LF, run minimized. Printer option allows you to select printer for printing. Fonts tab displays the list of installed fonts, set style, font setting and page parameters. You can immediately see preview of your setting on the right hand side of application screen.

It supports many interface language like English, French, Deutsch, Swedish, Dutch, Italian, Slovak, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Romanian, Hungarian, Catalan, Croatian, Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian, Latvian, Czech, Bulgarian, Turkish and Polish.

Overall: This is a perfect program for the user who still works on the DOS-programs and need print support.

Publisher's description

This program helps to extend life to old DOS programs. Nowadays, many laser and jet printers have powerful features but ... can not print a simple text accurately. Besides, some inexpensive printers can not print in text mode at all (the so-called win-printers or GDI-devices).
DOSPRN allows you to use a good old DOS program with new printers irrespective of their types (Yes, USB and network printers, print-servers, and PDF-printers too!)
Also DOSPRN supports Epson and HP PCL Esc-sequences emulation, multiple international codepages, landscape/portrait printing, text color manipulation, absolute positioning and many other features.
Version 1.82
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User comments

Works great! I`ve written a series of GWbasic programs. All went well until new computer and printer (USB no parallel port). Open DosPrn in backround, start my programs. With no changes, mine now print very nicely.
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